Wull i get in trouble if i buy a research paper fir college Technology

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Wull i get in trouble if i buy a research paper fir college Technology

Last i checked traditonal schools give out student loans that students have to pay back, so whats the problem? My ex went to uop and she was a horrible student. I too have attended both traditional university ( well respected university in pa) and online from the uop. Yes, i acknowledge that the university is more expensive to attend that some other universities that would not have met my needs.

Gucci, just get a bunch of venture capitalists to give you 10 mill, and you can buy your regional accreditation just like uop did. So the bottom line is if you decide to teach at this place, think about working in a fast food restaurant first. Ugh! A school that hires people to read scripts instead of knowing the ins and outs is ridiculous and frustrating.

I could not start without my transcripts in fact, they called me several times when they did not get my transcripts telling me i could not start until they had them. There are even traditional schools that have been providing distance education programs longer than uop and do a much better job at it. All colleges and universities are for-profit and community colleges and major universities that have been around since the early 1900s are offer classes online.

Funny thing is she barely got through high school with cs and ds, and uofp want us to believe out of nowhere she became an honor student graduating college with honors? Give me a break, i was there many times when she was logged in to class, and their group format was a joke. Some individual classes dont transfer between any school because the catalog descriptions dont match closely enough, but you claim to have a bachelor degree. Hi, i work over 200 hundred hours a month, i cant find time to actually go sit in a rgular class for a few hrs, because of my work.

Btw its being investigated by the dept of education and congress for unethical practices (this of course will end when the lobbyists hired by uop pay off everyone to stop the investigation) what happens if i have a scholarship? I am not doing so well in my eth125 class. Camp community college piedmont virginia community college rappahannock community college southside virginia community college southwest virginia community college thomas nelson community college tidewater community college virginia commonwealth university virginia highlands community college virginia polytechnic institute and state university (virginia tech) virginia western community college wytheville community college west virginia blue ridge community and technical college (west virginia) bluefield state college (west virginia) bridgemont community & technical college (previously community & technical college at wvu tech) concord university eastern wv community and technical college fairmont state university marshall university mountwest community & technical college west liberty university west virginia northern community college west virginia university west virginia university at parkersburg west virginia university institute of technology more traditional schools with online courses andor programs. It is funny, because the complaints you have about university of phoenix, which my son proudly attends and will graduate from very soon, are so similar to the complaints i had against my school.

Your teacher leads the class but you really learn from your classmates, thats why i believe the learning teams are put into university of phoenix. The chinese produces tons more than american, but i doubt anyone would say their goods are better then our. I knew i shoulda attended university of maryland! Venture capalists, i dont wanna buy an accreditation, that is something that must be earned. The school accepts 100 of people who are willing to pay and is a drain on the taxpayers. Now i have been dealing with for over a month they returned funds to my lender after a month plus of communications more on my part than theirs and no response from the fa manager.

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Wull i get in trouble if i buy a research paper fir college Technology

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    I too have attended both traditional university ( well respected university in pa) and online from the uop. I used to be a nanny and the mother went to uop and obtain her masters and after she graduated she was made lead case manager for private education school. They have excellent database access for research and many wonderful tools to help you succeed with your education. Also, one guy took such great offense to me debating a point with him in an ethics class that he took to personal attacks and internet tough guy threats for the rest of the course, with no response from the instructor. If you have a bachelor degree and were denied admission to a master program, it wasnt because of your uop degree.

    It isnt that the teachers are lazy, its a philosophy that students learning through discussions and projects among themselves develop better than traditional lecture students. Im betting on a comeuppance soon there will be a big shake up in the for profit and adult learning market remember, it has grown so quickly and it is so astronomically large in potential there is always a development in quality with occassional shake out periods at first all you have is the first entrant, in this case phoenix they get away with anything as they are the only game in town. Online is ok if it is aacsb approved and if you contact your locate university not community college and ask if they would accept the undergrade degree for their masters program. It is a bad experiment gone wrong, however good for the congressmen and uop ceos, bad for the prison rape pounded students. Even though there are never solid guarantees, the likelihood of your credits transferring are great! I am proud to say that i am a future graduate of university of phoenix.

    They are not conducive to our work schedules and if you withdrawal early for military commitments, not only do they say its okay, they charge you a tuition fee for withdrawing early even though you have no control over your work schedule. There are several community colleges in my state of texas that cost me 50 or less per credit and my credits are guaranteed to transfer to any 4 year university in texas. Either way a couple years ago i never thought i would even have an associates im suprised i made it this far. The online experience was the only way i was able to go back to school and now i have my ba in criminal justice. However the community environment it is challenging to get the classes you need where unop has your class schedule pre determined so that is a plus, because you do not have to worry about getting into classes. This salary is good if you teach somewhere in africa and may be china or india but not the usa. Bus admin 10, florida state university mba candidate 12 hi james what about the debt you incurred? Will you be able to pay it back? As you know the rate of default on student loans for individuals attending non-traditional universities is more than twice the number for those attending traditional universities. To be honest if you want to get anywhere in your career as a professional group environments are really important. Now i am trying to enter my third block in three weeks and was told i have to pay 1950 out of pocket in order to start in three weeks. These are just the most recent issue not mentioning the other number of problems i had to deal with.

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